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Everything for your well being. Release your stress, your tensions and your pains !

« Take good care of yourself »

World massages

Back massage, relaxing massage, ayurvedic or energizing chinese massage, seated amma massage, intuitive massage, head or legs, a whole range of alternatives for your well-being.

Plantar reflexology

A global, gentle and efficient method to help your body to self-regulate, also very useful to fight against all types of body stress, by stimulating precisely, defined areas on the feet.

Personalized follow-up

Listening and accompanying to provide a holistic approach and take the best care of you. The client receives personalized care answering to your (reasonable) demands.

Corporate offering

Solutions and services adapted to your needs and those of your staff. Very efficient to create dynamism inside your organisation. Many types from 20 minutes and more can be suggested…

World massages

Back massage, relaxing, ayurvedic, energizing Chinese massage , seated amma, evolving, legs or face, a whole range for your well-being !

Back massage

To release tension and relax
30min. – 30€ / 45 min. 40€

Relaxing massage

Very cocooning, enveloping and soft : for a real relaxation of both body and mind
1h – 50€

Abhyanga ayurvedic massage (India)

A powerful, dynamic and rhythmic massage to help eliminate toxins and provide deep muscle relaxation
1h30 – 70€ / Detoxifying option 3 sessions 190€

Energizing massage Chrong Mai (China)

Very effective to revive and invigorate energy, refocus and reconnect with yourself
1h (Chrong Mai) – 50€ / Regenerating option 3 sessions 140 €

Restoring energy through legs and feet

To improve blood circulation, chill and drain your legs
20min. – 20€

Seated Amma (Japan)

Fully clothed and seated on a chair, a massage which allows you to regain energy and calm in a short time. Ideal for events and company solutions
20 min. – 20€

Intuitive massage

A massage developed according to your needs, to focus on painful or tense areas.
1h or 1h30 – 50€ or 70€

Plantar reflexology

A gentle and efficient global method to help the body to self-regulate, to fight against all kinds of stress, by stimulating reflex zones located on the feet.
Reflexology can also be operated on the hands in different cases (arthrosis, injured foot, hyperactivity).

Reflexology brings a relaxation and a general loosening of the body, a soothing of pain, a progressive release of tension, thanks to a personalized follow-up. It helps improve blood circulation and restores your body balance.

Why use reflexology ?

  • to prevent and or reduce stress or headaches, after personal shocks, emotional difficulties,
  • as an accompanying therapy or after surgery
  • in case of arthrosis, body pain
  • to regulate digestion, hormonal disturbance, menstrual cycle
  • for urinary and genital disorders
  • pregnancy follow-up
  • in case of hypertension, blood circulation troubles
  • for allergy and respiratory diseases
  • at each change of season…

1h – 50€


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4 ans déjà !

4 ANS DÉJÀ ! Quatre ans ! Voilà déjà quatre ans que je me suis lancée dans cette aventure incroyable du bien-être, tant pour mes clients que pour moi-même. Un rêve fou auquel j’ai cru dès le début… M’installer au cœur d’un territoire rural, à Confolens en Charente limousine, pour me retrouver auprès de ma…

En mars, les prix évoluent !

À compter du 1er mars 2023, les tarifs des prestations de Massage Charente Limousine augmentent légèrement. Cela fait maintenant 4 ans que je suis installée à Confolens et que que les prix étaient restés au beau fixe. Il est temps aujourd’hui de s’accorder à l’air du temps. Concrètement, un soin d’une heure vous reviendra désormais…

An experienced practitioner

Member of the French Federation of Reflexologists, Anne Dumasdelage first trained in massage at the Cassiopée Institute in 2018 (78) then at the Amma Shin Dô School (33) and at the Francilian Academy of Reflexology (77).

I opened my business, Massage Charente Limousine, in March 2019. I welcome you upon appointment only in Confolens from Monday to Saturday for personalized care. I am also available two Tuesdays a month in Availles Limouzine and I can come to your home if you’re not able to come by yourself.

My motto is listening and helping people in order to take care of you in the most personalized way. I wish to bring you the best comfort and better living.

Welcome to Massage Charente Limousine for foot reflexology and massage !


« Attentive, Anne took time to help me choose the right massage for me. Due to her precise skills and her sweet presence, I really had a good time, a very relaxing and well-being moment. Thank you ! » Solenne

« Competent
Very professional
Great moment of relaxation and well-being
We want more
Bravo Anne », Mireille

Pascal : « Very professional and qualified, with a personalized approach

for massage as for reflexology. Bravo and thank you ! »

« An extremely pleasant massage. You still feel its benefits a few days after you received the care.
Thanks Anne for this moment of relaxation, for your professionalism and your kindness », Pascale

Let’s keep in touch !

Massage Charente Limousine is open upon appointment only :

  • from Monday to Saturday between 9am to 8pm in Confolens
  • two Tuesdays a month from 2pm to 6pm at Josy Coiffure in Availles Limouzine
  • at your home (if you have no alternative)

Practitioner : Anne Dumasdelage

English spoken : welcome !

Massage Charente Limousine

18 bis avenue du 8 Mai 1945
16500 Confolens

Tel.: 06 11 61 46 43
E-mail : massage.charentelimousine@gmail.com

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